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Sweet Home Apartments in Fort Campbell:

Deciding where to live when moving to Fort Campbell can be an unnerving task, especially when the options are as many and as varied as in the Fort Campbell area.

Financial Matters:

One of the most important considerations when it comes to finding a new apartment home is finances. How much Fort Campbell apartment can you afford?

Apartment Décor 101e:

Half the fun of moving into a new apartment in the Fort Campbell area is decorating your space. But sometimes that can be a challenge.

Renters Insurance:

When budgeting for an Fort Campbell apartment, don't forget to include the cost of renters insurance.

Understanding Your Lease:

A lease is a legally binding contract between a tenant and a landlord. A lease obligates both tenant and landlord to specific terms.

Moving Day:

You've signed the lease on your new apartment in the Fort Campbell area and now the work really begins. Moving can be one of the most stressful of life's events, but there are steps you can take to alleviate the pain of the process.

Wish List:

Before you begin a serious apartment search in Fort Campbell it's a good idea to delineate what you're looking for and to prioritize those desires.

Safe and Secure:

Safety is a primary consideration, when choosing an Fort Campbell area apartment community. No amount amenities - of swimming pools and clubhouses and fancy appliances - are worthwhile if you don't feel secure in your own apartment home.

Know Your Rights:

You've found the perfect apartment. Now it's time to make application, sign the lease and get moved in.

Safety is a primary consideration, when choosing an Fort Campbell apartment community. No amount amenities - of swimming pools and clubhouses and fancy appliances - are worthwhile if you don't feel secure in your own home. Landlords are paying more and more attention to safety issues, and there is much you can do to minimize your risk of becoming a victim.

When you're out visiting prospective Fort Campbell apartment communities, don't just pay attention to all the bells and whistles that community might offer. Make sure security matters are a part of your checklist.

Contact your local Fort Campbell law enforcement agency for crime statistics for the neighborhood you are considering. How many incidences of theft and violent crime have occurred there over the past year in Fort Campbell area? You can't always judge a neighborhood by its appearance, so get the hard numbers and make comparisons with other neighborhoods you are considering.

Take a walk around the grounds of a prospective community. Are shrubs next to buildings kept trimmed so as not to provide a hiding place for criminals? Be sure and visit at night as well as during daylight hours. Are all walkways, corridors and entries well lit? Are light bulbs missing or burned out? Are there mirrors at bends in corridors to prevent someone from waiting unseen? Are there surveillance cameras? Where and how many?

If your community has a gated entry, is that gate manned? During what hours? Is the gate kept secure when it is unmanned? Does the community employ security personnel? How many and during what hours? Are they continuously on-site, or do they patrol numerous communities? Are entries to common areas such as workout facilities or clubhouses secured?

In many areas, landlords are required to provide certain security measures, such as deadbolt locks, peepholes, window locks and safety glass. Ask the landlord if locks are re-keyed or replaced each time a tenant moves out. Do the units have intruder alarms? If so, are these alarms wired to the windows as well as the doors? Can windows be securely locked?

Once you have selected a Fort Campbell community that satisfies your safety requirements, you too can act to minimize your risks. Always lock your apartment door, even when you are at home. Be alert and aware of your surroundings whenever walking to or from your apartment. Do your part in ensuring that restricted entries are closed securely after you enter or exit, and don't "hold the door open" for strangers. Be a good neighbor in Fort Campbell area and pay attention to your community. Report any suspicious activity to your landlord immediately.

Most property owners are as concerned about safety and security as you, and working together, landlords and tenants can be a strong force in providing a home you can feel good about.

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