Clarksville's Riverfront Neighborhood

Clarksville's Riverfront Neighborhood - Beautiful and Bustling

Located just west of Downtown Clarksville, the Riverfront neighborhood is one of the coolest that this area has to offer.  After all, where else can you combine the beauty of the water with trendy eating and shopping?!

If you plan on renting an apartment along the Riverfront, you'll need to make sure you're free every September for Riverfest.  This two-day festival features several stages of live music, tons of food, a regatta, and a lighted boat parade.  Best of all, admission to the festival is free!

As soon as you rent a Riverfront area apartment, you'll be able to enjoy:



If you didn't think you could get waterfront views in Clarksville, think again!  In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better view at any other apartment in Clarksville.  Not only will your new apartment be on the banks of the Cumberland River, it will also be close to the Clarksville Marina, Liberty Park, McGregor Park, and Valleybrook Park. 



In an effort to compete with the newer Governor's Square Mall, Two Rivers Center got a major facelift in the mid 2000's.  Today, it's home to restaurants, bars, and cool stores that you won't find anywhere else.  And, as an added benefit, if your apartment is on the north end of the Riverfront area, you'll be able to walk there!

If your apartment is closer to the south end of the Riverfront, you'll be within walking distance to the Clarksville Square Shopping Center.  While it's not as fancy as Two Rivers Center, it's got a variety of stores to choose from.


You may not automatically think of Mexican food when you think of the Riverfront, but two of the most popular restaurants in this neighborhood offer up goodies from south of the border!  Guadalajara Mexican Grill sits on the south side of the Riverfront, while Casablanca Mexican Restaurant is on the north side.  At either, you'll be able to drink margaritas that the locals swear by. 

As an added benefit, your Riverfront apartment won't be too far from Downtown, so the next time you go out to dinner, you'll have to two trendy areas to choose from!


Because the Riverfront sits so close to Clarksville's Central Business District, your job options will be practically endless if you decide to rent an apartment here.  Whether you work at the historic courthouse or in one of the newer Downtown office spaces, you won't have to worry about a long commute.  In fact, if you live towards the central portion of the Riverfront, you may be able to walk to work!

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