The Ringgold Area Clarksville

The Ringgold Area Clarksville -- Home to Some of Clarksville's Best Amenities


Just a few minutes north of Downtown Clarksville, you'll find Ringgold.  It's technically part of the City of Clarksville, but it has become a popular area in its own right in recent years.  In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find an apartment in Ringgold that was built before 1970.  It's proof of how recent Ringgold's popularity is, and it's also a sharp contrast to all of the history located just to the south!

Luckily, Ringgold tends to be a more affordable area than most -- with the cost of living lower than both the national and Tennessee averages.

Here's what you'll get to see and do if you rent an apartment in Ringgold:



On Ringgold's southern side, you'll find the Heritage Park Complex, which is home to baseball and soccer fields, basketball courts, a skate park, peaceful picnic areas, and a dog park.

If you ever need to charter a flight or want to learn how to fly, getting an apartment in Ringgold is awfully convenient!  That's because the Clarksville Regional Airport is only a few short minutes away.  There aren't any commercial flights that take off or land here, but there is a complete flight school that can give you an amazing adrenaline rush!



Because Ft. Campbell Boulevard runs right through the middle of this neighborhood, you'll have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from if you get an apartment here.  If you want to spend a day at the mall, you'll be happy to learn that Purple Heart Parkway/101st Airborne Division Parkway cuts through Ringgold's southern side -- giving you a quick, direct route towards the Governor's Square Mall.



Just like the shopping, most of your dining options in Ringgold will be on or near Ft. Campbell Boulevard.  If you want to experience some local flavor, head to Allen's Dog House.  Owned and operated by Ringgold locals, they specialize in pulled pork that's been smoked for more than 12 hours!  Another spot that's popular with the locals is Elaine's Café.  This family-owned restaurant serves up Korean food, including a bulgogi dish that Ringgold residents love!



The biggest chunk of Ringgold residents work in the sales and service industries.  The service industry part shouldn't come as a surprise, since this neighborhood surrounds Ft. Campbell Boulevard.  There are also a large number of Ringgold residents who work in the manufacturing industry.  Unless your office is along Ft. Campbell Boulevard, you'll likely have to drive closer to Downtown Clarksville to get to work every day.  Luckily, though, it won't take you very long!

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