Living in The Sango Area


Living in the Sango Area - A Slice of Peace and Quiet in the Middle of the Action

A few years ago, Sango didn't offer much but wide open farmland.  Today, though, this community is right in the middle of the action!  Technically, it's an unincorporated area, so it's not part of the City of Clarksville.  However, it's only five miles east of Downtown Clarksville, so by getting an apartment in Sango, you'll have easy access to everything that Clarksville offers -- while getting to live in a quieter, less bustling place.


Here's what you'll get a taste of once you move into your Sango apartment:



Even though most of the buildings are relatively new, there is a deep history in Sango.  In the mid 1800's and early 1900's, Sango played a huge role in the tobacco boom.  Head to the intersection of Bagwell Road and Sango Road, and you'll be standing in the exact same spot where tobacco farmers called "Night Riders" fought off agents of the tobacco monopoly!

And speaking of Sango Road, head either north or south on it, and you'll find quick access to I-24 -- meaning that anytime you want to soak up the culture in Nashville or Chattanooga, you'll have a direct route!



Most of the stores here can be found along U.S. 41 Alt -- the main road that cuts right through Sango.  You'll be able to do most of your errands in Sango, but for more specialty shopping, you'll likely need to head into Clarksville.  Luckily, you can hop onto I-24 and drive to the Governor's Square Mall in less than 15 minutes.



If you truly want to dine like a local, look for two places that have Sango in their name -- Chris' Pizza Village-Sango and Sango Café.  Despite the name, Chris' Pizza Village also specializes in pasta, subs, and wings.  Best of all, Chris and his team do a lot of volunteer work in the community, so you can rest easy knowing that your business is going to a good cause!  Over at Sango Café, you can feast on everything from Cajun food to fish and chips.


Even though it's way more built-up than it was years ago, Sango has stayed true to its roots.  Odds are your apartment won't be too far from one of the many farms that are still here.  But Sango isn't just for farmers!  A number of the people who rent apartments in Sango work at Ft. Campbell because it offers a slower pace -- while still being just a short drive away from the base.  And, there are a number of executives and other professionals who call Sango home but work in Clarksville.  It's a healthy mix!

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